First day of the year, my buddy - Catfish - invites me to his house to discuss working on a project together. The original sale was that I'd go over some of his art and we'd figure out how to get a story out of it. The majority of the conversations that night were more than a little awkward as we were trying to get a bearing on where each other sat creatively.

Eventually,... it boiled down to one drawing that he was working on before I showed up. A drawing that's been driving me mad since.

The drawing was of a skeletal woman with stringy black hair hanging limp around her skull. Vacant spots suggesting a glow sank deep in the eye sockets. She was wrapped in a robe. And Catfish made it a point to tell me that he wasn't interested in getting too gorey with the whole thing.

"Shit!," I thought, "There went the cheap tricks."

There were a few other pre-requisites brought up, and things were starting to look a little bleak, until... Last night I got the bright idea to research something else that Catfish is obsessed with other than freaky ghost girls a la THE GRUDGE, and that would be Dia de los Muertos.

Catfish - a proud hispanic in his own right - is a Day of the Dead Art-Machine! In fact, he and his cohort in gig posters did an entire gallery show with that as the motif.

So, I do a little reading online and things start to gel together. Details are still foggy, but I now have solid ground to start pacing on.

And then... I run into this link on another blog (warrenellis.com):


Which just ties everything together that much better.

(I just spent the last few minutes cursing out this computer that I'm on to get this link live, so apologies in advance for the fail.)

Anyway, this short little graphic novella that Catfish and I are going to work over the year is taking on a life of it's own. You have to shut up and listen when the universe is telling you things. And you have to say Fuck It to blogspot when it doesn't want to cooperate and move on with your life.

I've got comics to work on,

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